Here is your gateway to the northern states of North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Michigan. All for sale listings here have been selected by a hamster, with no attention whatsoever to legal niceties like deeds, titles, liens, or any of that technical stuff. Nor do we recognize banks or mortgages. You're on your own - and what you see may or may not be what you get. We do not guarantee that properties are as described, that they are located where we believe them to be, or that they still even exist at all. We are not responsible for any problems you may incur as a result of exploring or occupying any of our listings, whether such problems are legal, financial, or involve personal injury, contagious disease, or even death. Should you find a house or other property listed here, you explore at your own risk. Many are frightully dangerous! All warnings aside, please enjoy our website and let us know if you're willing to exchange a few seeds for any of our offerings.

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