The links below are your gateway to our amazing listings in the Gulf States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. All houses, shacks, condos, factories, and shops are offered with no warranty whatever. We at Rodent Realty can give you no guarantee that any property is rodentworthy, nor can we assure you that any listed property (a) still exists; (b) can be found at the locations described; or (c) will not result in a lawsuit by someone claiming to be the "rightful" owner. We are not responsible for any harm that may result from being in the vicinity of any of these listings or any area where they are thought to be. You inspect, buy and occupy strictly at your own risk. But if a place is on a fault line or in swampland and you can't insure it for even a dollar, then why pay a dollar to buy it? We take edible weeds and tasty seeds and any other meal that's fit for a pampered hamster to eat. Thanks for shopping at, Pestis Properties Online.

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