Affordable homes from coast to coast! No worries about repossession, no cash down, no cash payments - ever! Just make me an offer a hamster can't refuse. We have hundreds of listings in more than 22 states and many more to come. Our selection is perfect for these dire economic times when it's even harder to put housing on your family than to put food on them. So just use a little imagination and find the perfect new home for you and all your jobless friends. Thank you!


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RODENT REALTY is owned and operated by Mason, a hamster. It was founded in 2005 by Bupkes, initially for the purpose of helping fellow rodents needing to relocate. However, we are more than willing to sell to humans who are interested in purchasing properties of this type. We do not guarantee the condition of any real estate purchased through this website. Nor can we give any assurance that the property is located where we think it is. We have nothing to do with lawyers, titles, deeds, liens, abstracts, appraisals, easements or anything else usually associated with the sale of homes. This is real estate made simple. If any problem arises from the occupation of a home or business purchased from us, we can offer no help other than to advise you to tell the trouble-maker you purchased permission to occupy the property - online and from a hamster. When they hear that, mostly they just walk away. And that's the end of it.