And third, our prices are affordable because our overhead costs are virtually nil. All RodentRealty staff enjoy free room and board. That, along with this web page, is the whole operation.

The web page is as economical as the office space arrangement. The site development and maintenance are done for Pestis by a brother-in-law, Gabe, who volunteers his time. And web hosting costs are paid by a donor with no material interest in the sale of properties.

In addition, our loyal volunteer photographer donates not only her time but all expenses, including gas, to drive to remote spots all over the country whenever and wherever new listings become available.

Because this is a hamster-run operation with no overhead, we are able to offer an alternative to shanty-towns and squatter settlements that are becoming increasingly common in these times of high unemployment and financial hardship. is a public service and makes no money whatsoever. Further, it should be stated that this firm is not and never has been part of the lending scandal that produced the mortgage crisis in America. We don't know anything about that. What is a mortgage, anyway?

Enough said! Welcome to where our motto is "Ratholes are for People, Too."